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Samba / Windows Server

Starting from April 2018 and with the 18.04 LTS (L)Ubuntu release, a Samba server comes pre-installed on image cloned laptops. This means that a Labdoo laptop can be used as a server to other computer clients allowing these clients to access all the educational content in the server. This is a powerful configuration as it allows many types of devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) to access the educational content in the server without the need to have access to the Internet or the need to replicate the educational software in many devices.

Samba- / Windows-Server

Aus jedem Computer kann unter Linux schnell ein Server gemacht werden - allerdings gibt es durch Geschwindigkeit des Servers, Netzwerk etc. Begrenzungen bei der Anzahl der sinnvoll anzuschließenden Anzahl von Clients (Endgeräten). Werden zu viele Clients angeschlossen, werden die Datenverbindungen langsam.

Pourquoi Linux?

Educational Tux

[Update 20.04 LTS] S’il vous plaît gardez le système d’exploitation Linux déjà opérationnel et veillez ne pas installer d’autre system d’exploitation. Pourquoi est-ce que Labdoo n’utilise pas le système d’exploitation Windows®? Il en existe beaucoup de bonne raisons :

Interfaz de usuario parecida a Windows

Para el explained reasons and advantages, Labdoo uses the Linux operating system. Sin embargo, algunos usuarios prefieren una interfaz gráfica de usuario (GUI) que se parece a Windows para que la curva de aprendizaje de algunos usuarios sea aún más baja. En esta página encontrará una guía sobre cómo instalar y configurar la GUI de Lubuntu para que se parezca a Windows.

Aquellos que usan Labdoo Images for Cloning pueden dejar de leer aquí, ya que las imágenes vienen con temas e iconos de Windows 10 preinstalados que se pueden activar.

Windows look-alike user interface

For the explained reasons and advantages, Labdoo uses the Linux operating system. However, some users prefer a graphical user interface (GUI) which looks like Windows so that the learning curve for some users is even lower. In this page you will find a guide on how to install and configure the Lubuntu GUI to look similar to Windows.

Those using Labdoo Images for Cloning can stop reading here, as the images are coming with pre-installed Windows 10 themes and icons that can be activated.