Managing Your Own Adwords Conversion Paths


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If you are a superhub manager, you will also be able to encode your own Adwords conversion paths to help make your online campaigns more effective. (More information about conversion paths can be found on the web in places like

To enable your own conversion paths, click on the "Hubs" tab located at the top of this page and then click on "[Superhub] Manage adwords". (You will only be able to see this option if your user account has the superhub role enabled.) In the next page, you can edit your existing conversion paths or you can add new ones. To add a new conversion path, click on the link "Add conversion code". This will take you to a page where you can fill in all the necessary information ("Conversion ID", "Language", "Format", "Color" and "Label"). In the last field "Paths", you need to add the URL paths to the page that you want to attach the conversion path to. For instance, if the page is, then you need to enter the path "content/thank-you-de0". You can add multiple paths, each one of a separate line.

Figure. Click on "Hubs" - "[Superhub] Manage adwords" - "Add conversion code" to add your own conversion codes.

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