Monetary Donation Methods



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In order to help us keep the Labdoo accounting clean, please fill in the Donation Form after your monetary donation. Our goal is to match but not exceed our annual predicted expense. Therefore, we depend on the donation amount information you fill in the Donation to confirm if the donation has been made correctly.

There are several ways to participate in monetary donations.

1. Company Contribution.
Labdoo is a US-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Many companies provide employees the option to choose which charity they like to participate in for company donations. The name of charity and EIN number are provided as below:
Labdoo Inc
EIN: 27-3489966
92 Corporate Park STE. C303
Irvine, CA 92606

2. Check
You can write a check payable to "Labdoo" and send it to our mailing address:
92 Corporate Park STE. C303
Irvine, CA 92606

3. Paypal/Credit Card
Please visit

Note: With the credit card donations, Paypal charge 2.9% + fixed fee
Fixed fee per transaction (based on currency received)
Australian dollar 0.59 AUD
Brazilian real 2.90 BRL
Canadian dollar 0.59 CAD
Czech koruna 9.00 CZK
Danish krone 2.90 DKK
Euro 0.39 EUR
Hong Kong dollar 3.79 HKD
Hungarian forint 149.00 HUF
Israeli new shekel 1.60 ILS
Japanese yen 49.00 JPY
Malaysian ringgit 2.00 MYR
Mexican peso 9.00 MXN
Currency Fee
New Taiwan dollar 14.00 TWD
New Zealand dollar 0.69 NZD
Norwegian krone 3.90 NOK
Philippine peso 25.00 PHP
Polish zloty 1.89 PLN
Russian ruble 39.00 RUB
Singapore dollar 0.69 SGD
Swedish krona 4.09 SEK
Swiss franc 0.49 CHF
Thai baht 15.00 THB
UK pounds sterling 0.39 GBP
US dollar 0.49 USD

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