01: Prepare Your Stuff


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  1. A 4GB or larger USB flash drive to create a bootable image
  2. (Optional but recommended) Another 4+GB USB drive or external HD to store the files that you will download later
  3. At least 40GB free on the Mac HD

Downloading Files
Download the following files from labdoo@ftp.labdoo.org:/macOS-ubuntu:

  • refind-bin-0.12.0
  • ubuntu-mate-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso
  • unetbootin-mac-681.dmg

It is strongly recommended that you install and use a download manager software (e.g. FileZilla) to download the files since the iso file is huge, and the download manager can resume the download just in case you lost the connection. Save the files to a USB drive or external HD. Below is a screenshot using FileZilla:


Create Bootable USB
Do the following on a working Mac. Otherwise, complete “The Mac Side” section and come back here.

  1. Insert a blank USB
  2. Double click on the file unetbootin-mac-681.dmg that you downloaded earlier
  3. unetbootin

  4. Right-click and select Open
  5. Click the Open button
  6. Enter the password if prompted. The UnetBootin application will open. Select “Disk Image” option and the Ubuntu ISO file you downloaded earlier
  7. Click OK. UnetBootin will extract and copy a bunch of files to the USB drive.
  8. When it’s done, eject the USB drive by clicking on the Eject icon:

The USB drive now can be used to boot any Mac.

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