Packaging the Laptops Ready for Traveling


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Packaging the laptops ready for traveling

Once a laptop has been sanitized, we need to package it so it can travel to a destination school. The main goals of the packaging are two-fold: (1) the packaging should protect the laptop from any possible rough traveling conditions; (2) the packaging should make visible the Labdoo identifier of the laptop, for both its AC adapter and the laptop itself. A recommended approach is to use transparent, bubble plastic wrap and to tape the Labdoo identifier in big letters outside, for both the laptop and its AC adapter, as shown in the following pictures:

Figure. A good way to pack your dootronics: use a wrapping material to properly protect them and write the Labdoo IDs clearly outside both the devices and the AC adapters.

You are welcome to use other packaging approaches based on what's available to you, as long as the laptop is well protected and its Labdoo identifier is made visible externally.

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