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The following section describes relevant learning experiences gained by Labdooers around the world who (like you) are helping to sanitize laptops and make them ready for needy schools. It will teach you tips and tricks that will be very handy when sanitizing your laptops. If you are not able to find a solution to your problem in this section, please ask your questions to the Labdoo QA team and another Labdooer there will provide an answer for you.

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Delete All Data on Hard Disk

Adapt Bluetooth's Name (Optional)

Add a 2nd Disk Drive

Add a Local Printer as Network Printer

Configuring the Bios

DKMS (Automatically Driver Updates)

Firefox shows black bar in URL

Check for Disk Errors with GSMART

Installation of Restricted Codecs

Enhanced Intel Graphical Interface

Kernel Panic Caused by Defective in Memory/RAM

Wired LAN Interface is Not Working

LXDE - Create a link to folders or files

MD5 Checksums

16.04 LTS does not boot, graphic resolution on screen low

Install Jitsi Meet

Manually create a guest account in Ubuntu20.04

Temperature Workaround

Change keyboard layout when logging in (Boot)

Monitor is only showing a small part of the full screen

Samba / Windows Server

Using a Laptop as WiFi Hotspot to provide educational data to mobile devices

Windows look-alike user interface

NTP - set clock automatically via internet

NVIDIA grafical drivers, problems and solutions

Open a terminal

Remove former Linux kernel releases

Search files in all folders and delete them (optional)

Installation of VirtualBox

WiFi cards will not be detected

acer - special keys are not detected

apt-offline - update computer offline

User concept, add user student

broken packages, interrupted installation, Update to new Lubuntu release

graphic card - check which graphical interface is installed

install Skype

monitor settings (advanced)

virus scanner ClamAV